As if she hasn't been through enough, Tonya Carpenter, the woman who was severely injured by a flying broken bat at Fenway Park recently, now is facing another strike out. She is in a nasty custody battle with her ex-husband, who is hoping to take custody of their 7-year-old son.

George Carpenter alleges that because his wife is recuperating and on many medications and not able to drive, he is seeking physical custody of the child, who is with him right now. He not only wants custody of the child, but is demanding child support payments from his ex-wife who hasn't worked since this tragic accident. In a moment, you'll be asked to chime in with your comments. Ms. Carpenter has had friends raise money to help her out as she recovers from traumatic brain injury at her home.

Tonya Carpenter slammed her former husband's actions on Facebook. "I was hit by a bat at 110mph at Fenway watching my son's ketchup drop on his lap eating his hotdog…my EX-husband decides since this traumatic experience his opportunity is to take MY only child away and get full custody…I have spent the entire week in Worcester court and finding strength somewhere some how fighting for life, strength and the power of him to never ever take away what I live and breath for," the post reads.

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