New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell still opposes adopting an opioid treatment initiative similar to Gloucester's "ANGEL" program.

The New Bedford City Council is taking a look at the feasibility of having addicts turn in drugs and paraphernalia to the police department without fear of arrest, and then being supplied with a volunteer sponsor.

Mitchell says he's not keen to that tactic. "We do, in this city, import a great deal of dependency already. And I don't want for New Bedford to become a magnet, a place where addicts across the Northeast go to enter into the treatment system. I'd rather see more of a straightforward approach," said Mitchell.

Beefing up traditional treatment programs, education in schools, and emergency response services are some of the ways Mitchell would like to see the opioid epidemic addressed locally.

Mitchell applauded Governor Baker's proposed legislation that would limit new opioid prescriptions to just a three-day supply.