New Bedford is abuzz with speculation as to who might run for the vacant Ward 3 City Council seat in the upcoming special election, as well as who might throw their names in the hat for the October elections.

But Mayor Jon Mitchell said he hasn't made a decision yet as to whether or not he will run for a fourth term this fall.

In his weekly appearance on WBSM, Mitchell told Barry Richard that he hasn't given re-election a single thought.

"It is not something that occupies my time," he said. "I'm really busy right now just trying to do the work of the city. There's a lot going on."

Mitchell did say that the two-year mayoral terms make it hard for a mayor to focus on re-election while also running the city. He said he'd like to see the city switch to four-year terms for mayor, although he reiterated that desire is not "self-serving."

He also said he has no time table as to when he'll make a decision about running again.

Mitchell is in Washington, D.C. for the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors. He said the nation's capital has a different feel to it with the upcoming inauguration of Donald Trump and Barack Obama leaving the Oval Office. He said the Obama administration was always well aware of the issues going on in New Bedford, and he hopes the Trump administration will be the same way.

"I think the administration would be wise on a number of grounds, including politically, to connect well with mayors," Mitchell said. "So much of what is happening in America today is being driven out of city halls."

The conference wraps up on Thursday, with fishing being a major focus of the final day. Representative Rob Bishop of Utah, the chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, will be in attendance to discuss the issues that face the fishing industry, and New Bedford, going forward.

Mitchell said when it comes to fishing, his goal is to make sure, "New Bedford has a place at the table all the time."

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