Mayor Jon Mitchell says security is a top priority at this weekend's Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford.

Speaking on his weekly radio program, the Mayor says there has been no specific threat received, but because of recent events around the world, anytime that large crowds gather, security is a concern.

Mitchell says there will be an increased police presence at the Feast, and security steps will be taken. "Folks won't be allowed in with backpacks for instance, but I don't see any reason why people should be concerned at all. I just want people to know that we're mindful of the fact that around the world there are threats to big events, and we're taking all appropriate steps."

Mitchell adds Police will try to avoid overflow crowds during live music performances, where people are often packed in shoulder-to-shoulder. "if there are Police Officers at a particular gate saying we are holding off letting more people in, people just have to be patient with that and wait for others to leave before they can go in."

The Mayor is urging people to attend the feast and have a good time, but be vigiliant and if something doesn't seem right, report it.