What a painful and shameful disgrace to find out from a Jan Ransom Boston Globe story that the 18-year-old charged in the brutal murder of New Bedford cab driver, Donald Depina, simply walked out of a "staff secure" group home in Fall River. Then, 18 days later, Mills allegedly shot and killed Mr. DePina, in a senseless and savage robbery. He was accompanied by a 16-year-old friend, who was also formally charged in this numbing violent act. It's mind boggling that this 18-year-old, with a lengthy criminal record,  just "walked out" of the Fall River group home at the Old Colony YMCA on North Main Street, one of 25 so called "staff secured" residential programs across the Commonwealth.

So, here's a young criminal who simply left the group home undetected, who wanted to party after allegedly murdering the Vietnam War veteran and Veteran's Agent. What's your reaction? I can tell you mine, it's raw outrage. What's more, MA State Police weren't notified until he had been missing for two weeks, giving state authorities a late start.

One of a myriad of questions is how did this guy leave without detection? How many others can do the same? When DYS is finished investigating DYS and all the others do the same, how many heads will roll and what changes to the rules will be made?

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