Sometimes, when things look the bleakest, someone steps in and shines a light to remind us there is still some good in the world – and that’s exactly what happened to Middleboro’s Joseph Bourhill when he was delivering pizzas Thursday afternoon.

“What started off as a normal day at work soon took a bad turn,” said Bourhill, who delivers pizzas for the Lakeville Domino’s. “I was out on a delivery and I blew a tire coming down Old Center Street in Middleboro.”

Bourhill’s first thought, he said, wasn’t to call AAA or get his car back on the road.

“My focus truthfully was to get my customer the food as quickly as possible while it was hot, so I locked my car and started walking,” he said. “My problem shouldn’t mean some family goes without eating.”

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Bourhill describes himself as a family man, and said his wife and two kids are his world, so he couldn’t imagine a family like his waiting for their pizza.

“I thought, I’ll worry about the car later because I can’t fix what’s broken right now, but what I can do is get these people their food,” he said.

Bourhill had to walk about 10 houses down the road, delivered the pizza to the women who had ordered it, and returned to his car to figure out how he was going to get himself back on the road. He said the constant strain on his vehicle from delivering pizzas has become too much of a financial burden, and he didn’t know how he was going to afford another repair.

“This is like the fourth tire that has popped since I’ve worked for the company,” he said, noting that he had just replaced a tire back on May 24. “I've had nothing but continuous car trouble since I’ve worked as a delivery guy.”

Help was coming, however, in an unexpected way.

“The women I delivered to called my store and asked if they could send me something,” he said. “They sent me the money it would cost me to fix my tire.”

Courtesy Joseph Bourhill
Courtesy Joseph Bourhill

Bourhill posted about the experience in the Middleboro Helping Middleboro Facebook group in the hopes that the women would read it.

“I am truly thankful for their generosity and for their kind words wishing me a better day, (it) truly shows there’s amazing people in this world,” he wrote.

Hours later, he told us he still couldn’t believe it happened.

“It was awesome. Truthfully, I never ever thought that was going to happen,” Bourhill said. “I feel I was just doing my job.”

Courtesy Joseph Bourhill
Courtesy Joseph Bourhill

Bourhill said he prides himself on working hard to provide for his family. He has worked at the Lakeville Domino’s location since it opened in late 2021. However, he did tell us that Friday would be his last day.

“Sadly, it doesn’t pay enough to support my family like I need, so I’m trying to find a new job. I’m also trying to find a new car as well because of all of the issues,” he said. “So what happened today hurt bad, but what those women did made it better and restored some of my faith in humanity.”

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