Kelly Buckingham posted this photo on her Facebook page with an interesting caption about a school project that her son did almost a decade ago.

"This is cool. 9 years ago, in second grade, Dustin’s class did a message in a bottle project. Just a few weeks ago, Dustin’s bottle was found in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco Bahamas. His teacher sent me this photo."

Kelly Ann Facebook

Dustin was in Mrs. Rego's second grade class at Decas Elementary in Wareham back in September of 2009. His original message said,

"To whom it may concern,
Where do you live? What games do you have? I have Transformers the game and Walle the game. Where did you find my bottle?

Kelly told us that the email to Dustin's former teacher came from a Rome Heyer. He or she answered Dustin's question about where the bottle was found, but no word on what games they have.

Kelly was definitely happy to find out about the note. "Seeing the line about his Walle game makes me smile. He loved that movie and wrote about it all the time in school."

Dustin will soon be an eleventh-grader at Wareham High School. Here's a look at what he looked like back then, and what he looks like now!

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