Dozens of people gathered at the Fort Taber Military Museum Saturday afternoon for a special event honoring U.S. Merchant Marines. 

The presentation began with a brief history of the service and the roll merchant mariners played in World War II as essential lifelines to all branches of the military.

"That's where the Liberty Ship comes in, delivering all the supplies to the service personnel whether it's ammunition, medical, food, personnel, anything," said Frances Cairns, whose late husband Larry served aboard the Liberty Ship SS Arthur L. Perry for 10 months during the war.

Following a brief speaking program, the newest additions to the Merchant Marine display at the museum were unveiled.

"They have not been given any recognition and this is what I'm hoping the exhibit will do, to tell people about Liberty Ships and the sacrifices that were made," Cairns said.

Flowers were then placed by the Merchant Marine Memorial as it was rededicated in honor of those mariners lost during the war.

Merchant Mariner Walkway | Greg Desrosiers/TSM
Merchant Mariner Memorial Walkway | Greg Desrosiers/TSM

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