Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is promising a vote next week on a freestanding bill to provide up to $5 billion for the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. The money had been included in an overall spending package for hurricane relief but Democrats objected to the border funds being included.

McConnell tells Fox News he supports President Trump's call for funding a border wall but is willing to forgo that for the moment in order to win the approval of the money to assist with the humanitarian crisis. McConnell says he will put the matter to a vote.

"I'm going to bring it up freestanding next week and see if they really aren't interested in dealing with this mass of humanity that we have to take care of at the border," he said. "What's the objection? "

The Democrats have resisted the Trump Administration's efforts to stop the hemorrhaging of the border by illegal immigrants, many of who are being used by drug and sex traffickers. They've resisted the wall and have used the courts to block or slow all efforts to stop the record numbers of illegals crossing into the U.S., resulting in huge numbers of folks in need of medical care, food, and shelter.

On one hand, the Democrats will say that Trump has created a humanitarian crisis, yet on the other hand, they refuse to provide funds to deal with that crisis. This, after insisting for two years that there was no crisis.

Leader McConnell is one of many in Congress who have become frustrated by the inaction of the opposition party.

"I think it's safe to say the president is getting more cooperation out of Mexico than he is out of congressional Democrats," he said.

By virtue of refusing to work to stop the flow of illegals into the country, the Democrats are enabling the coyotes and traffickers in their efforts to use the migrants and their children to gain access to the U.S. This has resulted in the humanitarian crisis that exists on the border and the health crisis that is developing on this side of the border.

The Democrats are victimizing vulnerable Central American migrants while aiding and abetting cartels, gangs, and other criminals for strictly political purposes. It is sickening and they should stop immediately. If the Democrats want these migrants in the U.S., they must appropriate the funds to provide care for them.

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