Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has endorsed U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren in her quest for the Democrat presidential nomination and could be a big help to Warren.

Healey is a popular two-term Attorney General with aspirations of her own that could include U.S. Attorney General. Getting Liz elected president would make that possible. Before last night's debate in Houston, Healey informed supporters that she was all in for Warren and in fact would travel to Houston to speak on Warren's behalf.

Maura Healey is a New Hampshire native and could play an important role in boosting Warren's numbers in the first in the nation primary state. Most recent polls show Warren in third place behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders but well within striking range. Healey could help to close the gap and perhaps put Warren over the top.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In Third Debate In Houston
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Healey is also as anti-Trump as they get. In her role as Attorney General, Healey has challenged Trump on everything from immigration policy to guns. Healey is fearless and would make an effective bulldog on the campaign trail, allowing Warren to remain above the fray to the extent possible.

I think Maura Healey is a big-mouthed progressive hyper-partisan twit, but she is the embodiment of what the Democrat Party has become and will be an effective frontline campaigner on Warren's behalf.

Warren's chances improve with Maura Healey by her side.

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