On Aug. 19, the Mattapoisett Boatyard suffered a devastating fire that consumed the area in flames and smoke, resulting in a total loss to the yard and leaving one worker in critical condition.

As the town and nearby communities continue to process the events and look for ways to give back to those affected, the Mattapoisett Yacht Club and Ensign Fleet 76 decided to create an event that would bring the community together in support.

Over 120 boats set sail in the harbor Aug. 28, proving that Mattapoisett and the other SouthCoast towns are there for one another in times of sorrow.

The Mattapoisett Boatyard Parade

Tina Clark, a member of the advisory board for Mattapoisett Yacht Club and a member of Ensign Fleet 76, shared how the Mattapoisett Boat Parade came to life.

“We had a big event scheduled for the 28th. This had been planned since the spring,” she said. “It’s an annual event and I was in charge of planning and running that function.”

After the devastating fire, the yacht club and Ensign were forced to reevaluate how to end their summer season.

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Clark proposed that they modify the original event to just become a “parade of sails” in honor of those affected by the Mattapoisett Boatyard fire.

“We were hoping some of our weekend cruisers would come back early and join the parade of sails, but it actually turned out to be much bigger than that,” Clark said.

Boats adorned with signs reading “We Love MBY” and “MBY Strong” could be seen floating in the harbor. It was an uplifting day in Mattapoisett during a dark time.

“The boating community was gravely impacted, and the parade gave people a chance to show unity,” Clark said. “It was great seeing all the support.”

The Community Continues to Support MBY

And support initiatives continue to pop up. Magpies donated the sales of their celebratory cakes to the Mattapoisett boatyard on Sunday, and Blossoms Flower Shop will donate 30% of its sales to the boatyard on Sept. 3. Kool Kone will donate 25% of its sales to the boatyard on Sept. 1.

Some things in life are out of our control, but how we respond to such things is in our control. Seeing the response of the Mattapoisett community by lending a helping hand whenever possible is nothing short of inspiring.

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