Looking for authentic frights this Halloween season? We’ve found plenty of places across Massachusetts and Rhode Island with real-life ghost stories attached to them that you can visit for little or no money. Get ready to plan your haunted road trip across the SouthCoast and beyond because these spooky spots are closer than you think.

We are lucky enough to live in a part of the country with lots of history. Buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years are everywhere, and with them come the spooky stories of strange things that have happened within their walls.

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Some, like the Conjuring House in Harrisville, Rhode Island, have been turned into epic locations for paranormal investigation or bed and breakfast spots where ghost hunters from around the globe travel to visit. Others are seemingly innocent libraries that have more stories to tell than just those in the books on its shelves.

We dug into the history of local parks, massive area mansions and of course the cemeteries around Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and what we’ve found is that many of the places you might pass by every day have had something super creepy happen inside them.

So why not skip the haunted hayrides and creepy corn mazes this year and plan yourself a real-life haunted road trip? You could travel from South County, Rhode Island to Salem, Massachusetts scaring yourself silly at over a dozen haunted locations. We’ve got the stories behind the scares at these historically frightening places so you can freak out your friends when you get there.

Historic Haunted Places in Massachusetts and Rhode Island You Can Visit for Little to No Money

While others may be paying big bucks for ghosts and zombies to jump out and scare them this season, you may be in the market for more authentic frights. We’ve found the spots on the SouthCoast and beyond that are sure to give you goosebumps, unsettle your stomach and have you full-on freaked out without breaking the bank.

SouthCoast Haunted Yards to Visit This Halloween

This Halloween, homeowners all over the SouthCoast have transformed their yards into must-see drive-by displays and walk-through haunts for members of the community to enjoy.

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