The Democratic Party of Massachusetts may prove President Donald J. Trump is correct about the problems with mail-in ballot elections. Who had missing ballots?

The town of Franklin has found five times as many ballots still left to count two days after the polls closed. They originally reported they had 600 uncounted mail-in ballots, but we have now learned they have 3,000 mail-in ballots to count. Who had possession of the ballots and why was the reported count so far off?

The Democratic Party primary in the Fourth Congressional district is in chaos at this point. The Republicans have nothing to do with the process or the developing disputes in this primary. The master of Massachusetts elections is Secretary of State William Galvin, a lifelong Democrat. Can't blame President Trump for this one.

The primary to be the next Democrat to succeed Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III was always going to be tight. The field of candidates was enormous and predictions were that it could be won by a candidate who received less than 25 percent of the vote. Every campaign understood this was truly a race where a few votes could be the difference between power in Washington or nothing at all.

Sec. of State Galvin's office went to court to get a court order to continue counting the mail-in votes after the deadline. Since the extended counting began, the Town of Franklin has found this treasure trove of ballots. The result of these new ballots could be the difference in who goes to the House of Representatives.

Candidate Jesse Mermell is trailing Jake Auchincloss and is claiming there may be even more outstanding ballots in other communities and her campaign is already gathering signatures to trigger a recount of the election results after the missing ballots are found and counted.

There are lots of questions, and so far, few good answers.

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