Massachusetts gas prices topped $4.96 per gallon on Monday, another all-time high, but Massachusetts legislative leaders still won't back a temporary rollback of the state's 24-cents-per-gallon gas tax.

The State House News Service reported Senate President Karen Spilka and House Speaker Ronald Mariano have again ruled out freezing the gas tax. Spilka said Connecticut suspended its gas tax, yet residents are still paying almost the same per gallon for gas as residents of Massachusetts.

"The oil companies can keep the gas tax and not pass it on to individuals purchasing gas," Spilka said.

Spilka and Mariano said both chambers are discussing ways to provide immediate relief to those in need of assistance. Spilka promised something by the end of July, but Mariano is less committed.

Neither has offered specifics as to what might be in the offing or whether there is enough legislative support to provide some form of relief.

Area State Representatives Tony Cabral, Chris Hendricks, Chris Markey, Bill Straus, Carole Fiola, Paul Schmid, as well as Senators Michael Rodrigues and Mark Montigny – all Democrats – have already voted against tax relief this spring.

Massachusetts took in more than $2.478 billion in May, $186 million or eight percent more than anticipated. Massachusetts has hauled in more than $36.969 billion in tax revenue through the first 11 months of the fiscal year 2022, which ends on June 30.

Mariano hinted that he might not support tax reductions since they would not be beneficial until tax filing season next year.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts voters watch the loot piling up in the treasury and wonder if the people they elected to take care of them will toss a few crumbs their way.

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