So your job is garbage, and you're wondering why you thought a degree in underwater basket weaving was a good idea to begin with. Take heart, because the Massachusetts Legislature may have just what the doctor ordered – a four-day work week.

I kid you not.

Rep. Dylan Fernandes of Falmouth and Rep. Josh Cutler of Duxbury have filed legislation to create a pilot program to study the idea.

Just think, you'd still spend more time in the office than they do.

Massachusetts Legislation Could Lead To A Four-Day Work Week
Mary Serreze/Townsquare Media
loading... reported the legislation would "create a voluntary program that would let businesses transition employees to a shorter work week without an overall reduction in pay."

The legislation requires employees participating in the pilot program to regularly report their findings, to gauge the benefits of a shorter work week on Massachusetts residents. Participating employers would qualify for a tax credit.

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Get our free mobile app reported, "Global studies have shown that four-day work weeks are good for employee's health."

"If the proposal is approved, the executive office would be permitted to begin accepting applications from employers to participate in the pilot within one year," the station reported.

Massachusetts Legislation Could Lead To A Four-Day Work Week
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media
loading... quoted Rep. Fernandes as saying, "Americans have not had a meaningful reduction in days off since the 40-hour work week was invented nearly a century ago."

"There's been huge technological improvements, and we've become much more efficient workers, but we're still working the same amount of hours," he said.

The legislation would establish the Massachusetts Smart Work Week Pilot.

Does anyone think this is a good idea and would volunteer their business or themselves to participate in the study?

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