Many things come to mind when you think about the culinary delights found in Massachusetts.

Many great crops, including apples, pumpkins, and corn are harvested here in Massachusetts. No place in America has a more robust commercial fishing industry with fish landed and processed than New Bedford.

The cod is the official state fish of Massachusetts. The state game bird is the turkey. The cranberry is the official Massachusetts berry, and Boston cream pie is the official state dessert – and what about the corn muffin and Boston baked beans?

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Want to get ethnic? What about linguica, cacoila, cannoli, perogies, souvlaki, tacos, sopa de caracol, cachupa and all the rest?

What about cheese? Did you know that Massachusetts makes cheese?

The Massachusetts Cheese Guild sponsors the Massachusetts Cheese Festival each fall.

The Guild's website says, "In 1624, the first dairy cows were brought to the Boston area by the settlers from England, birthing artisanal cheesemaking in America."

Date And Location Set For 2024 Massachusetts Cheese Festival
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"Great cheeses are still made here, on our lands, between the stone walls and the sky," says the Cheese Guild.

The Massachusetts Cheese Guild claims, "Our 15 cheesemakers have won more awards per capita than any other state in the nation."

Some Massachusetts Cheese Guild members include Great Hill Dairy in Marion, the Grey Barn and Farm in Chilmark, and Oake Knoll Farms in Foxboro.

The Massachusetts Cheese Guild is a not-for-profit trade organization based in Foxboro. Visit the Guild's website to obtain tickets for this year's Massachusetts Cheese Guild's Massachusetts Cheese Festival on September 21, 2024 in Lee, Massachusetts.

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