Massachusetts State Auditor Diana DiZoglio is making good on one of her signature campaign promises: to conduct an audit of the state legislature on Beacon Hill.

“As I committed, my office has begun an audit of the state Legislature," DiZoglio said in a statement. "We hope this will increase transparency, accountability and equity in an area of state government that has been completely ignored. Historically, the Legislature has been a closed-door operation, where committee votes have been hidden from the general public, and legislation has been voted on in the dark of night,”

Prior to her election to State Auditor, DiZoglio served in the state legislature for a decade as legislative staff, as a state representative, and as a senator.

DiZoglio said that during her time as a staffer, she was a victim of workplace harassment and was as a result terminated and forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It was this experience, DiZoglio said, that was a primary motivator for her to run for office.

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There has been some question as to whether or not the Auditor has the authority to audit the State House. DiZoglio's predecessor Suzanne Bump said she does not believe the Auditor's office has the authority to conduct an audit of the legislature.

DiZoglio has previously said on WBSM's SouthCoast Tonight during the campaign that the Auditor has the authority to conduct an audit of the state legislature, and has done so in the past, with the most recent audit taking place in 1922.

She also said in that same appearance that if her office meets resistance, she is willing to bring this issue to court.

In a more recent appearance on SouthCoast Tonight Auditor DiZoglio said she is maintaining her commitment to Audit the state legislature. DiZoglio said the audit of Beacon Hill is a key pillar to her Social Justice and Equity and Audit Plan. Her plan also includes audits to ensure state agencies are doing enough to address issues of housing, mental health and substance abuse issues.

DiZoglio said she is seeking input from people in the community with suggestions for anything her office should look at or consider. She can be reached via email at

Listen to Auditor DiZoglio's full interview on SouthCoast Tonight.

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