When KG Urban withdrew their plans for a New Bedford casino, Brockton was left as the only remaining candidate for the Region C casino license.

Thursday, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission decided to stick with the previously established September deadline before entering applications into Phase Two. However, Gaming Commission Chair Stephen Crosby says just because they're the only ones in the running, Brockton isn't necessarily guaranteed the state's final casino license. "Even if we only have one applicant, we will hold them to the same degree of rigorous evaluation that we would if there were competitors. If we don't think this is a first-class proposal, we won't award a license, no matter how many applicants there are," said Crosby.

Crosby says the Commission has several options, including closing Region C's application without awarding a license. The Gaming Commission will take some time to consider their options before a final decision on Region C's licensing process is made.

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