NEW BEDFORD — A New Bedford man who posted a live video to social media in which he challenged rival gang members to "pull up" and indicated that he was armed got police officers instead.

Police said Tyrell Martin, 20, of Mott Street began a live-feed social media video while standing in the Blue Meadows housing development at around 11 p.m. last night.

In the video he gave his location, indicated that he was carrying a firearm, and challenged rival gang members to "pull up," according to police.

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Gang unit detectives immediately responded to Martin's location.

Police said that Martin discarded a fanny pack he was wearing and fled on foot from the approaching officers.

He was taken into custody after a short pursuit.

According to police, the fanny pack Martin discarded held a loaded .9mm semi-automatic handgun.

He was also allegedly found in possession of four oxycodone tablets.

Martin currently has two open cases, one in district court for unarmed robbery and another in Bristol Superior Court for cocaine trafficking.

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