It's just so sad. Our beloved Federal Bureau of Investigations has now been sacked, maybe beyond repair. Next to no one believes that FBI Director James Brian Comey was unable to find charges against former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton as federal agents scoured what was left of her computers, private server and software system. I speculated about his boss, the United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch who had been compromised by Bill Clinton on their extremely inappropriate meeting that failed to remain a secret on a runway in Arizona just days before the FBI (Comey) would announce their findings. I believed then as I do now, that President Clinton reminded Lynch that her boss, President Obama was also exposed on Hillary's infamous private server.

Secretary Clinton clearly evaded the White House monitoring at one time to hide the fact that Obama banned Sidney Blumenthal was involved with her policy making with regards to, at least, Libya. President Obama eventually caught on. We now know that President Obama directly lied to the American people when he said he had only learned about the private email server through "news stories". WikiLeaks has unveiled damning emails from Clinton staffers that they said they "needed to clean up" Obama's emails from all records. We recently learned that he contacted her through the private server by using a pseudonym in doing so.

Here is the most recent and outrageous news about the FBI, part of which was discovered last week:

Close friend to the Clintons, Virginia Governor and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe steered $500,000.00 from a Democratic Virginia Super-PAC 'Common Good',  to the campaign of Democrat for State Senate, Jillian McCabe. More funds were also provided to her, thanks to a major Hillary donor. This is a major problem. If you haven't been paying attention, Jillian McCabe is the wife of the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who was actively in charge of the Hillary Clinton email/ National Security investigation.

clinton mcauliffe

That we knew last week, bad as it is. It now gets worse.

Not only did Mcauliffe steer that money to McCabe but the PAC where that money came from, was specifically raised by Hillary Clinton at a special gala event in Virginia in June of 2015, as the FBI was about to launch their investigation.

The Independent Journal Review adds,

Clinton returned to Common Good in October of 2015 for another speech. That speech conveniently took place just one week before Jill McCabe received two donations, one on October 25th in the sum of $175,000 and the other on October 27th for $125,000.

In addition, one of Common Good's biggest donors, James Bernard, gave the PAC $100,000 just three days before McCabe got her October donations.There's more. Bernard is a big Hillary supporter, too. In fact, he's listed on her site as a “Hillblazer,” someone recognized for raising or contributing $100K or more to the campaign.

We no longer have a credible and independent Federal Bureau of Investigations to independently look into public corruption. This is a generational disaster that only the Clintons could manufacture.

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