Let's have an adult chat about the future of the birds and bees. Soon, having this conversation may have to include having sex with a robot! You read it right. Today, "robophilia" may be alien, but having sex with robots could be normal in 50 years as attitudes evolve with technology. In a jaw dropping survey, Dr. Helen Driscoll, an expert on the psychology of sex and relationships, told the Sun Newspaper in London, that her survey found 15 percent of British men would have sex with a robot! The men went on to say they could have a fulfilling, emotional relationship with a lifelike robot. Women surveyed were a lot less likely to agree with only 2 percent saying they would have a sexual relationship with a robot.

So, I went around asking both guys and gals this loaded question that elicited responses ranging from spontaneous laughter to gut wrenching disgust! Not one woman said they would consider it. On the other hand, the alpha males seemed to even enjoy the idea. "Can I choose what the female robot would look like"? "Yeah, I'd do it if I could program her to fulfill my fetishes".

What do you think? Would you have sex with a robot? What about an actual relationship? And do you think that having sex with a robot could become the norm in the future as technology evolves and improves?

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