Advocates came together Monday night to support animal rights in the wake of the Westport farm cruelties.

The vigil was held just outside the Wesport Board of Health Department for the animals who died on the farm.

Activist Jodie Greenleaf was among the speakers at the vigil. Greenleaf was critical of the town's Board of Health inspectors, saying the situation could easily happen again if something doesn't change.

"They're going to need to get somebody in place in the town government that can handle this situation properly. They clearly have had people in place that have let this go in a way that is catastrophic," Greenleaf told WBSM News.

Greenleaf hopes the vigil will help unite people in the cause, and keep the issue in the spotlight.

"This is the biggest case of animal cruelty in the history of the Northeast. So, people should pay attention and I'm hoping this will bring people together," she said.

One vigil attendee, Sherri Walsh, says she used to own the Rottweilers who reportedly attacked animals on the farm out of starvation. She says her ex-husband had given the dogs away to strangers. Walsh says by the time she reached out to police the animals were already put down.

Vigil organizers are asking for donations to help care for the hundreds of surviving animals. Greenleaf says the group is looking for large heavy tarps, rabbit supplies, and horse corral panels among other much needed items, with more animals being born everyday. Cash donations are also appreciated.

Anyone who wants to donate can contact the Protest Westport Tenant Farm group via their Facebook page.

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