Ask local resident Michael Spoor anything about the past 13 Super Bowl games and he can weave a tale about each one, complete with fascinating stories and interesting anecdotes.

Michael and his wife, Donna, have been part of that massive sea of people who dart out onto the field and set up everything before, at halftime, and after the big game. For the past six years, their close friends Mike and Kathy Smith, also from the SouthCoast, have joined in.

What's it like to be on the field before 75,000 screaming football fans and a worldwide television audience of a half billion viewers? Both the guys described it as surreal, overwhelming, accelerated heartbeat, and their legs feeling numb and shaky. After all, there's no room for mistakes, necessitating the need to practice setting up and tearing down for three days prior to game day.

I spoke to all of them on the air Friday morning before they left for the stadium. This all started 13 years ago when Spoor and his wife answered a newspaper classified while visiting in Florida. That was the start of a beautiful friendship with other Super Bowl unpaid volunteers over the years. A few years ago, Michael and Donna started collecting a pay because of their experience and responsibilities.

I was told that Rams fans outnumbered Pats fans three to one. Whether we like it or not, a huge number of Americans are jealous of the Pats' historic record and want to see Tom Brady fail.

Also leaked out: expect one of the grandest halftime shows ever, complete with fireworks, music, dancing and a big surprise! No, Janet Jackson isn't in Atlanta this year.

Spoor also tipped us off to be looking around the 50-yard line for a white-haired, ponytailed, handlebar mustachioed guy speeding on and off the field and beneath the staging.

As for score predictions, they agreed they'd be very happy with even just one point more than the Rams. Go Pats, go!

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