I know a lot of people already do this, but others, like me, need reminding of how nice it is to leave a bottle of water or Gatorade for sanitation engineers and mail carriers. Each summer, we see videos surface of Ring cameras catching the gratitude of these workers as the public looks out for them on the hottest of days.

My twin sister, Kayla, left a cooler full of water bottles for the sanitation engineers that take care of the street.

Photo contributed by Kayla Faria
Photo contributed by Kayla Faria

Her son, my nephew, is only three years old and loves seeing the big trucks come on trash day. Hudson is in awe every time these guys come around and he probably helped my sister pack the waters in the cooler to leave out for them.

One of the workers saw the note after handling the trash and through her Ring camera, can be heard saying, "Wow! That's awesome, man!" He took a picture of her sign and grabbed a couple of bottles for himself and the partner in the truck.

Thank you to all sanitation engineers and mail carriers that help keep the world turning. We appreciate you and hope you stay safe and hydrated this summer!

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