Have you ever wondered how many of the much smaller states of Massachusetts can fit into the much larger state of Alaska? No, me neither – well, until now.

Massachusetts is the seventh-smallest state in the United States, with 10,555 square miles, 25.7 percent of which is water.

Alaska, meanwhile, is 663,268 square miles, by far the largest state in the United States.

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So what if you could pick up Massachusetts and place it inside Alaska? How many times would it fit?

According to the Facebook page of TheAlaskaLife.com, the Bay State could squeeze into the Last Frontier State 62 times.

What about the other New England states? They are all relatively petite. How many times could they fit in Alaska? Let's see.

Rhode Island, the "biggest little state in the union," is only 1,214 square miles – so 425 Ocean States can fit in Alaska.

Connecticut, the Constitution State, is 5,543 square miles. Alaska can hold 118 Connecticuts.

Little Massachusetts Can Fit Into Larger Alaska This Many Times

Maine, the Pine Tree State, is a pretty large state by New England standards at 35,385 square miles. Even still, 19 Maines can crowd into Alaska.

New Hampshire is known as the Granite State. New Hampshire is 9,350 square miles and can fit into Alaska 70 times.

The Green Mountain State of Vermont fits 68 times in Alaska. Vermont is 9,616 square miles.

Of all the states, Rhode Island can fit into Alaska the most number of times, 425, and Texas the least, only two.

Now that you've collected all that useless knowledge, put it to good use. See how many bets you can win.

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