Congressman Joe Kennedy III (D-Massachusetts) continues to show just how out of touch he is with reality with his latest statements on current events.

Kennedy has become the fifth member of the Massachusetts congressional delegation to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Come on Joe, impeachment is so last year. Haven't you heard? No collusion, no obstruction. Get with it, bud.

Kennedy claims to have read the entire Mueller Report and is now convinced that it makes a clear case for obstruction and as such, Trump must be removed from office.

What Kennedy is suggesting is that even with the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing on Trump's part, we should plunge the nation into a constitutional crisis with just over a year to go before the next scheduled election. Not to mention the fact that the Senate would never vote to remove Trump from office, so all we would be wind up with is a more deeply divided nation with Trump still in the White House. What kind of leadership is that, Joe? Smarten up!

Rather than chose to work with the administration on important issues related to our fishing industry, offshore wind, transportation, harbor dredging and perhaps funding for a new bridge, our delegation has chosen to take a combative and non-cooperative approach, and it is costing us dearly. Everything they do is dominated by their hatred for Trump rather than for the betterment of the people they represent.

Taylor Cormier/Townsquare Media
Taylor Cormier/Townsquare Media

Its time Massachusetts voters wake up and smell the BS. Hacks like Kennedy, Liz Warren, Ed Markey, Bill Keating and the rest are bringing us down. We deserve and must demand better. The first step is ours. We must vote these useless bums out of office.

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