A key battlefield in the war for the heart of the Democrat Party could be blue little Massachusetts. Word is that young Joe Kennedy III may be considering a move against Sen. Ed Markey, who is up for re-election next year.

Until now, Markey, who co-sponsored the Green New Deal with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was viewed as a radical left-winger. Kennedy is even further left than Markey. Little Joe makes his late Uncle Teddy look like Barry Goldwater by comparison, and radical is in for 2020. Progressive is so Obama-era. Besides, Kennedy is a Kennedy and Markey is not. Not only is Kennedy a Kennedy but he's got money. Lots of money.

Markey already has two announced challengers, business executive Steve Pemberton and labor attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan. Blue Dog Democrat Allen Waters is champing at the bit to get in as well. None of them are Kennedys, either.

Who would have imagined a year ago that Ed Markey would be vulnerable here in Massachusetts? It's amazing just how quickly things can change.

Markey might actually have to campaign a bit to fend off Pemberton, Liss-Riordan, or Waters, but Kennedy is another story altogether. That bushy mane of orange hair, the green eyes, the freckles, the youthfulness. Oh, and did I mention that he's a Kennedy? Reminds me of a Saturday afternoon spaghetti western where the young gunslinger rides into town and before you know, it the hero has been run out of town.

Kennedy represents the next generation. The AOC generation. The young rebels. Markey is the old guard that has gone along to get along for too long. His days are numbered if young Joe Kennedy wants his seat. Indications are that he does.

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