The unexpected closing of Lindsey’s Family Restaurant in Wareham this week was a shocking blow to the community.

Families had been frequenting the family spot for decades, and while those customers are left to process the loss of their favorite place, the employees of Lindsey’s are left to process the harsh reality of having no income -- three weeks before Christmas.

When one Plymouth restaurant owner and his crew heard the news, they knew they wanted to help.

The New World Tavern in Plymouth and Tolson’s Tap and Tavern in Pembroke say they are willing to hire any Lindsey’s employee still in need of a job.

What Happened with Lindsey’s?

Earlier this week, Lindsey’s owner Cheri Lindsey shared with Michael and Maddie the reason for Lindsey’s closure, blaming the pandemic and price hikes as the main culprit.

For the employees, the decision felt abrupt as they were left jobless just weeks before Chrisrmas.

Here’s Why These Plymouth Restaurants Want to Help

Bridget Pierce has been the bar manager at The New World Tavern for the six months and says she loves it. Originally from Wareham, Pierce was very familiar with Lindsey’s and her heart went out to the devastated staff.

“I frequented Lindsey’s and I was shocked to hear the news,” she said. “We were talking to Karl about it and just feel for the people in this industry, especially three weeks before Christmas."

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Karl Heine is the proud co-owner of The New World Tavern and Tolson’s Tap and Tavern. After hearing the news about Lindsey’s, Heine said he is ready to offer a job to any interested Lindsey’s employee.

Helping Fellow Industry Members

“All businesses right now are looking for staff, and we are as well, so we thought it was a good outlet to offer them,” Pierce said. “It might feel like the end of the world for them (since) it’s three weeks before Christmas. We just want to help fellow industry people.”

The employees may have been worried about the future, but this olive branch from The New World Tavern and Tolson’s Tap and Tavern proves that good things could be right around the corner for the Lindsey's crew.

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