WAREHAM — No injuries have been reported after two boats in Onset Harbor were simultaneously struck by lightning during a thunderstorm Tuesday evening, causing a fire on a fishing vessel.

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources wrote in a statement that Wareham and Onset emergency services responded to the harbor after simultaneous vessel lightning strikes at around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Crews responded to reports of a sailboat that was hit by lightning with a person on board, according to the statement.

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Two boats from WarehamDNR and the Onset Fire Department along with a vessel from TowBoatUS were dispatched to the sailboat in the mooring field off Wickets Island, the statement noted.

While the vessels were en route, Onset fire crews stationed on the pier were alerted to a commercial charter fishing vessel that had smoke coming from the cabin.

The 65-foot fishing boat was tied to Onset Pier at the time.

Crews found that there was an active fire on board.

After determining that the sailing vessel was secure and not taking on water, the WarehamDNR boat diverted to the pier to help put out the fire on the fishing boat.

However, Onset firefighters were able to get the fishing vessel fire under control, according to the release.

The DNR boat then returned to the damaged sailboat to help secure it.

The sailboat was brought to the pier for a damage assessment before being turned over to TowBoatUS.

There were no injuries in either incident, according to the statement.

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