Many of us take for granted the ability to do simple things, such as walking up and down stairs. Yet some local veterans were having trouble accessing all the programs and services available to them, because they could not make it up the flight of stairs at the local Friends of the DAV office.

But thanks to the help of the United Way of Greater New Bedford, a motorized chairlift was installed earlier this month, allowing disabled veterans to more easily get to the second floor of the New Bedford DAV Dr. C.E. Burt Chapter 7.

The two-story building has no elevators, meaning some veterans previously had to struggle to climb the stairs to the second floor, or could not make it to the second level at all.

The Disabled Local Veterans charity, or DAV, helps disabled vets maintain a quality of life standard, and helps them get the benefits to which they are entitled.

The United Way of Greater New Bedford was able to help out the Friends of the DAV, securing a mini-grant that allowed for the installation of the chairlift, which is already being put to great use.

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