Here is the ever-growing list of Lemonade Day stands across the Southcoast! These towns have been very supportive of these (very) small businesses but want you to know to enjoy it at your own risk!


  1. A Batter’s Squeeze; 145 County St; 10am (Auclair's Market)
  2. Twisty Flips Lemonade; 943 County St; 10am (Nancy's Bakery)
  3. Ali & Katie's Lemonade; 240 Centre St; 10am
  4. Sophia's Unicorn Stand; 707 Grand Army HWY; 11am (Sonic Drive-In)
  5. Lemonade on the Brain; 1464 County St; 12n (Somerset Public Library)


  1. 3 Stooges Lemonade; 355 Rhode Island. Ave; 8am (AutoZone)
  2. Abigayle's Paradise; 4171 North Main St; 9am (Shaw's Supermarket)
  3. Bri-Ann’s Lemonade; 1777 Pleasant St; 10am (Lapointe Insurance)
  4. Scarlett’s Strawberry Lemonade; 126 Shove Street;10am (Frugal Franks)
  5. CeCe's Hawaiian Lemonade; 122 Plymouth Ave; 10am (Subway)
  6. Savannahs Spectacular Lemonade; 333 Marino Bshp; 10:30am (Stop & Shop)
  7. Brody and Nathan's Lemonade Stand; 375 Alden St; 10am (Reis Meat Market)
  8. Bree & Brian Lemonade; 1059 Bay Street; 10am
  9. Mastery School; 30 3rd St. Fall River MA; 10am
  10. Lemons From Heaven; 490 Robeson Street; 10am (BayCoast Bank)
  11. Mulunus Mouth Watering Lemonade; 272 Albert St. Fall River; 10am
  12. Insight Youth Services, 685 Pleasant Street, Fall River; 10am
  13. Lucas’s Lemon Blaster Stand; 652 Bedford Street; 11am (Mr. Chicken)
  14. Lassoing Lemonade; 162 Colombia Street; 11am (Duke's Bakery)
  15. Sophia's Sweet & Sour Lemonade; 4 Stafford Rd, Tiverton RI; 2pm


  1. Lemon Lunatics; 787 Main Road; 9am (BayCoast Bank)
  2. 3 Little Ladies Lemonade; 227 State Road; 10am (Erin Rae's Dance)
  3. When Life Gives You Lemons;  1175 State Rd; 11am (Prestige Auto Mart)


  1. Lemon Heroes; 620 Chase Rd. Dartmouth; 9am
  2. Friendly Little Lemon; 714 Dartmouth St;10am (BayCoast Bank)
  3. We Are A Vegan; 984 Tucker Road; 10am
  4. The Sweet Lemon; 382 State Road; 10am (Lens Crafters)
  5. Levi’s Lemonade; 25 Faunce Corner Rd; 11am (Stop & Shop)
  6. Icy Made Lemonade; 24 Slocum Road; 11am (Hair Horizons)
  7. Hole In One Lemonade; 1047 Allen St; 11am (Valley Top Tavern)
  8. The Main Squeeze, 571 Dartmouth St; 11am (Sunrise Bakery)
  9. Hayden and Harrison's Lemonade Stand; 50 Horseneck Rd,
  10. J & M Juicy Lemonade Garage; 614 Dartmouth St.; 11am (M&M Auto)
  11. The Sour Kids; 46 Hathaway Road; 12n (Black Tie Cookies)
  12. Lazy Lemonade, 710 State Road; 1pm (Dartmouth Laundromat)


  1. Freshly Squeezed; 218 Rockdale Ave; 9am (Lolly's Cafe)
  2. Berberena Family Fund, 96 Oak Street, New Bedford; 9am
  3. Retro Lemon; 830 Ashley Blvd, New Bedford; 9:30am (Steve Arsenault Karate)
  4. Yummy Lemonade, 1193 Ashley Blvd; 10am  (ProGroup/Wilmot's)
  5. Juelz Drinks & Treats; 1890 Acushnet Ave; 10am  (Big Mike's Appliance)
  6. Lotus' Supreme Lemonade; 613 Pleasant St; 10:30a (NB Public Library)
  7. (no name) 1004 Pleasant St. New Bedford; 10:30am
  8. Squeezed; 102 Pope's Island; 11am (Noah's Place Playground)
  9. Squeeze The Day; 2709 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford; 11am
  10. Ri's & Shine Tiki Bar; 1834 Acushnet Ave; 11am (Boost Mobile)
  11. Dookie’s Dogs and Lemonade; 138 Hillman St. New Bedford; 12n
  12. Lemonaste; 45 Stephen St, New Bedford; 12n
  13. Caleb's Lemonade; 179 Hemlock St; 12n (Elements of Style)
  14. Type 1 Fighters; 184 Bedford Street, New Bedford; 12n
  15.  K's Lemonade; 341 Tinkham Street, New Bedford; 12n
  16. Berry Good Lemonade; 180 Cottage Street; 12n
  17. LIfe's Lemons; 492 North Front St. New Bedofrd; 12n 
  18. (no name) 161 Smith St. New Bedford; 1pm
  19. LIfe's Lemons145 Brownell Street; 1:30pm


  1. Patriot Lemonade; 221 Huttleston Ave; 10am (Stop & Shop)
  2. Team Sharon; 423 Main St; 10am
  3. Jada’s Lemonade Stand; 75 Alden Road; 10am (BayCoast Bank)
  4. Bailey & Lindsay's Lemonade; 8 Fairhaven Commons; 10a (Pet Supplies Plus)
  5. Lil' Kids Makin' Moves; 114 Huttleston Ave; 10:30am (West Marine)
  6. Girls Just Wanna Sell Lemonade; 239 Huttleston Ave; 11am (CareFree Homes)
  7. Lemon; 43 Alden Rd, Fairhaven; 11am (Leonard’s Cutters)
  8. The Lemon House; 100 Alden Rd; 12n (The Pasta House)
  9. Lemons & Berries; 31 Howland Rd, Fairhaven; 1pm
  10. CK’s Luki Lemonade; 214 Huttleston Ave; 3pm (Frontera Grill)


  1. M & M’s Lemonade;  264 Main St; 10am (Acushnet Creamery)
  2. L & L Lemonade; 1173 Main St, 12n (Country Whip)

Still, need to register your stand on the official Lemonade Day Southcoast map? Email your official Lemonade Day stand name, address (and host business if applicable), menu items and start time to

We'll add you to the list and include you in our Lemonade Day Southcoast Tour. Must be entered by Tuesday, May 1st at 11:59 pm.

Lemmy pours

Lemonade Day 2018 is possible, thanks to our Main Squeeze Baycoast Bank, ProGroup Contracting, Frugal Franks, Sonic of Somerset, Auclair's Market, Andrew's Fruit & Produce, Top Shelf Bar & Grill and Cape Air. 



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