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I can point to Massachusetts and to Washington and say the same thing; They just don't understand what they are looking at.

Here in Massachusetts, the Democratic leadership on Beacon Hill. house Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg were seeking even higher raises but are claiming to "settle" for 40% ones that would give them $142,500 annual salaries which is an unprecedented increase over the $102,000 they receive now.

the Boston Globe reports

"The bill also gives hefty hikes to the leadership teams in both the House and Senate. For example, the extra compensation for chairing a committee would increase from $15,000 to $30,000. Vice chairmen would see their extra pay go from $10,000 to $15,000.

The Ways and Means Committee chairmen in both branches will get a $65,000 stipend above their base legislative $62,500 salary. The current stipend is $25,000 a year.

Keep in mind, Massachusetts is operating in deficit as taxes rise, more fees are created every week and these Democrats look for more and more ways to pick your pocket. Rosenberg, DeLeo and other majority leaders can say the raise is "deserving", but they can't specify why.
somehow, it has gotten past them that Trump is winning over the hearts and minds of taxpayers witht he polar opposite approach. Trump and al his cabinet level nominees have decided to donate their salaries back into the taxpayer coffers and will work instead for $1 per year. Trump sees operating in deficit as unexplainable given where the money is going to today. Back here in Massachusetts the tone deaf Democrats feel that you owe them a deserved raise, even though they have increased debt, ignored high crime rates and allowed roads and infrastructure to worsen. Unfortunately, the Massachusetts voter is typically tone deaf too.
In Washington (unlike Boston, where some offenses can actually cost Democrats their seats) feminists led by radical groups, accosted the guests of the new President of the United States, Donald J. trump, at several inaugural balls.
Of course hundreds of thousands of leftist women and their feeble male minions supporting them also marched on many cities, displaying no discretion of vulgarity or any willingness to show a sense of civic responsibilities. They put disgusting signs on small children, on themselves, they even felt the need to lash out a the little baby Jesus, lamenting the fact that he wasn't aborted by the Virgin Mary. Nothing is out of bounds for these unstable 'Nasty Women' on the march. They also left behind one helluva' mess in D.C. and elsewhere I'm sure;
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I think most people were shocked at the behavior of the celebrities and the majority of the rest of the marchers. Not me. I've known who it is they serve for quite a while.
I'm enjoying the left's inability to read the cards, or tea leaves or even smell what "The Donald" is cooking, how ever you wish to phrase it. The Left wing of the Democratic Party is going to ensure they are locked out of Washington for many moons.

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