The City of New Bedford is awaiting some key information on a pending lawsuit involving the City's former environmental consultant.

Michelle Paul, Director of Environmental Stewardship says a demand letter has been sent to Beta Group Inc., and a response has been received requesting information on the issue at hand. Paul tells WBSM News that information has been made available to Beta.

Mayor Mitchell sent the initial demand letter to Beta, after the company had labeled the wetlands behind Keith Middle School as decontaminated, which wasn't the case. Paul adds the City continues to pursue other companies responsible for contamination within the Parker Street Waste Site.

Meanwhile, progress on the Parker Street Waste Site is slow-going this time of year.

David Sullivan, Senior Project Manager for TRC, says a second pump has been installed in the high school's problematic mechanical room to increase the amount of contaminated water that's being processed.

He tells WBSM News a long-term solution to the contamination is in the works.

Sullivan says it's not clear when a final solution will be hammered out.

He adds the EPA is closely monitoring the air quality in the school's three closed classrooms, and is still searching for the source of contamination.