One of the most under-reported and despicable crimes in New Bedford over the course of the last 10 years (if not longer) is the targeting of and robberies of hardworking, undocumented laborers residing in New Bedford, MA. Their illegal presence in the United States under Federal law makes them reluctant to call police when they are victims of crimes, even serious ones like robbery. They fear being deported.

The scum of the earth predators look for such reluctant witnesses and so logically set on these workers, especially on traditional pay-days like Friday. The illegal immigrants have no bank accounts as most have no stolen Social Security numbers to start bank accounts. As a result they either store the money in a mattress or other spots in their apartments or more often, carry it on them.

New Bedford has a high contingency of Guatemalan migrants and I would venture to say the average male is below 5'7" in height. So for the most part, they are undersized, physically unimposing and they are anything but intimidating. The typical Guatemalan migrant is very clean cut, neatly dressed, a devout Christian typically and the predators know they carry cash, making them an ideal target for would be robbers.

Multiple local sources including a few in law enforcement and prosecution have informed me that, instead of calling police, they have instead pooled money to pay for protection. Protection from ominous groups like the Latin Kings.

Don't get me wrong, the Latin Kings would have eventually set up shop based in New Bedford just based on the large Hispanic community from which to blend in already. Its what they do across the hemisphere. In fact, they likely had a rep or two already in town. But their growing presence ins based on the heroin market and more so, based on sizable protection funds offered to them from desperate migrants who do not seem to understand that local police will not be looking into immigration status for these victims of crime or reporting them to ICE.

This week yet another murder in New Bedford is linked to the Latin Kings, the first homicide in the fledgling year of 2017 in the 'Whaling City'.

While the mayor vehemently denies that the city of New Bedford is in any way a "sanctuary city", most would agree that New Bedford has been very accommodating to anyone looking for refugee resources, shelter, food etc. Taking on a large population of foreign speaking, unskilled or low skilled immigrants, means to take on certain cultural differences and practices many Americans would frown upon and let's face it, economically desperate people do many more desperate things to solve the immediate need problems.

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It's not a racist observation, it's one made from within "the know". As a member of our species, I am qualified and can qualify with facts if you somehow do not agree, the poor commit crime at a much higher rate than those financially secure.

Protecting the poor does not fall under the umbrella of jobs for those willing to do what Americans are not willing to do. We have a quality strong police presence in New Bedford and pressure from civic leaders needs to be put on the illegal immigrants to stop paying for the presence of the Latin Kings, even if the LK is not so willing to let the cash cow end.

Otherwise, get used to our little city seeing headlines indicative of a community over-run by this powerful international gang.


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