The pervs at the Boston Globe and elsewhere who went to court to win the "right" to view a video of Bob Kraft's penis are going to have to either wait until the video is somehow leaked or find another way to get their jollies.

The Boston Herald reports West Palm Beach Judge Leonard Hanser has tossed the video, which purports to show the 77-year-old Kraft in his birthday suit while receiving a not-so-legal massage at a Jupiter, Florida massage parlor. The media was trying to convince the courts that the people have a right to see the video and that making it public was somehow in the public's best interest.

Judge Hanser says the Jupiter Police erred by secretly recording the activities of all of the spa's customers, even those who were receiving legitimate services.

“The fact that some totally innocent women and men had their entire lawful time spent in a massage room fully recorded and viewed intermittently by a detective-monitor is unacceptable,” Hanser wrote.

Hanser says the surveillance of the spa, which was approved by a judge, did not use “minimization techniques” to protect other spa patrons. Not only that, Hanser says the same video surveillance was used to instruct police to follow and stop Kraft's car once he left the spa will not be admissible as evidence.

“All evidence obtained against (Kraft) through and in connection with the search warrant is suppressed,” Judge Hanser wrote.

There were some 300 "johns" busted in a crackdown on massage parlors in the Jupiter area when Kraft was tagged back in January. Unless Judge Hanser's ruling is overturned, all of them could go free.

This case has been a bust from day one when we were promised dozens of high-profile defendants and a clear connection to human sex trafficking. Yeah, still waiting for all of that to materialize. What we are left with it seems is a Barney Fife-type operation that did little more than embarrass Bob Kraft and unmask the Jupiter Police Department as basically inept.

If I were Kraft and some of the others who were caught up in this Keystone Cops caper, I'd lawyer up and sue the pants off of them.

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