The U.S. House is suspending business while Democrats continue a sit-in over guns. A group led by Georgia Democrat and civil rights icon John Lewis is protesting the lack of action on gun bills.

Joining them Wednesday afternoon was Massachusetts 9th District Congressman Bill Keating, who tells WBSM News it cries hypocrisy when mass shootings continue to take place, yet nothing is done. "When there's one moment of silence, one tragedy after another, some of which may have been averted because of a change in the law, that kind of thing runs against democratic principles in general," said Keating.

The No Fly No Buy bill would ban individuals from purchasing firearms if they have been banned on commercial flights in or out of the United States.

Keating says he's not as concerned over the outcome of a vote, just as long as there is a vote at all.

Democrats have raised the volume on gun control since the deadly mass shooting in Orlando.

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