I am still reeling after what I read this weekend about Kanye West.

Kanye West refused to continue his show on Friday night in Sydney, Australia until the entire audience was standing and dancing in worship. Unfortunately for Kanye’s self-esteem, one of the audience members had a prosthetic leg and another was wheel-chair bound.

One concertgoer said after the show that Kanye addressed the crowd saying, “I can’t do this show until everybody stands up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and [stuff].” The fan with the prosthetic leg waved it in the air and Kanye continued the show, stopping again when he saw there remained a single seated fan. So he halted his performance, saying, “This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable.”

He sent a body guard to check that the fan was disabled. The crowd was yelling that the man was in a wheelchair but Kanye waited for confirmation.

If this were me, and I have been confined to a wheelchair before after I ruptured my Achilles tendon, I would have stormed out of that concert and made sure the concert promoter, Kanye's reps and record company and anyone else I could reach found out how embarrassed I was and how furious I was at this guy! What gives him the right to demand that anyone stand up for him or his beliefs? I serious hope this event gets through to him and he changes his ways, though I really doubt that will happen at all.

Here's the video: