NEW BEDFORD - A New Bedford man who appears to be chronically in and out of the judicial system receives a low-bail setting after the D.A.'s Office sought a $50,000 bond.

45-year-old Ronnie Oliver was arrested by New Bedford Police this week in connection with recent break-ins to Buzi Salon, The Garden sports bar, and The Hungry Whale Pub.

Oliver was arraigned Wednesday, with Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn's Office requesting $50,000 bail. The reason for the extremely high request is evident when Oliver's record is examined, with 80 adult arraignments, 30 defaults on previous cases, and 19 convictions including dealing cocaine, larceny, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a police officer, and possession of heroin, according to New Bedford Police.

Judge James McGovern severely low-balled the D.A.'s request for $50,000 bail, and set bail at $500.

McGovern has been sharply criticized by law enforcement officials before for similar practices:

UPDATE (3:42 p.m.): New information has come to light in this case. The Bristol County District Attorney's Office also requested that all bail in Oliver's active cases in Fall River District Court be revoked, a request that Judge McGovern granted. This means that Oliver is currently being held without bail on those charges, essentially rendering the $500 bail in these charges moot. Oliver would have to be acquitted on all charges in the other active cases before he could post the $500 bail and be freed.

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