NEW BEDFORD- A new name has been added to the list of candidates running for Mayor of New Bedford. The current mayor of the Whaling City, Jon Mitchell, officially pulled his election papers Tuesday morning at City Hall.

Mayor Mitchell has been leading New Bedford since his first election in 2012. Speaking with the media after pulling his papers, Mitchell spoke about the motivation behind seeking a fourth term and his goals in re-elected. He also said that his family and options in his professional life carried weight in his decision to run again, a decision that he says was made over the course of the summer.

“It’s a decision that’s not just about the operation of city government, it’s not just about the city itself. It’s also about my family. It’s also about my own professional future,” the mayor said. “Let’s face it, everybody makes these, these are very personal decisions, but I’m all in.”

Mitchell also spoke of the accomplishments made by his administration during his tenure. He acknowledged the advancements made in the city’s school system, crime rate, and economic growth since 2012, and that continuing the progress made in these areas will be a focus over the next couple of years, if re-elected.

“When I first ran I said we’re going to make New Bedford a more safer and a more livable city. We’ve seen just in the last couple of years this city has experienced double-digit drops in violent crime. We’ve seen a cleaner city. We’ve eradicated graffiti. We’ve cleaned up the place,” said Mitchell.

“There is a ton of work to be done and if I am re-elected this fall the city will get my full devotion. I love the city and I really want to see it prosper, and we’re on the right track but we need to keep the pedal to the metal” he said.

Mayor Mitchell is just the latest of roughly fifty names seeking election to public offices in New Bedford. Other candidates for mayor include Michael Janson, Charles Perry Jr., David Pimental, Mitchell Garner, Michael Prouie, Ronald Perry, and Sean G. Fitzgerald.

The deadline to turn in election papers for public office in New Bedford is 8:00 AM on August 15th. Preliminary elections will be held on October 3rd with the final election to take place on November 7th.

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