Here's one way to keep your kids entertained over February vacation.

The Gleason Family YMCA has a FREE educational animal show planned with Joe's Crazzy Critters to make sure the kiddos have a fun place to go and get out of the house. Joe returns to the YMCA in Wareham with some of his scaly friends. This fun one-hour educational reptile show provides a close-up, hands-on approach to learning. Joe features critters from all around the world where kids get to learn the differences between the species, see and touch unique specimens, and ask questions about these amazing animals.

Joe's Crazzy Critters Show will be at the Gleason Family YMCA on Thursday, February 20. The show will start at 11 am.

“I will be bringing Gary the alligator snapping turtle. He’s one of my favorite animals. Alex the alligator will also join me, along with about 15 other animals including frogs, chameleons, tarantulas, and snakes!” - Joe Kenney

Joe's Crazzy Critters/Contributed Photo
Joe's Crazzy Critters/Contributed Photo

My two-year-old nephew would love something like this. Hudson is fascinated by the touch tank at the Buttonwood Park Zoo, so the thought of taking him to an interactive reptile show is incredible. Children will get to hold these animals and learn about their natural habitats. It looks like I’ll have to take that morning off of work to bring him to meet Joe and the rest of the crew. I’ll probably keep my distance, but Hudson has literally no fear and will absolutely jump right in.

The Gleason Family YMCA is located at 33 Charge Pond Road in Wareham.

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