It seems like more than ever shoppers are looking to get the best value when purchasing groceries. Inflation is hampering many Massachusetts residents to the point where hard decisions must be made. "Do I skip my heating bill this month?" "Do I put off my car payment?" "My child needs diapers but I can't afford them this month. What do I do?" These are all tough questions and decisions that many folks are going through. More than ever people want to be able to stretch their dollar as much as possible when shopping for food.

One Grocer That Has 21 Locations in Massachusetts Can Help You Stretch That Dollar

One grocer that has 21 locations in Massachusetts can help you save money on food items. That grocer is Aldi. According to an article by U.S. News and World Report, 90% of survey respondents said ALDI offers value for your money. In addition, the following quote by Jake Hill, CEO of the personal finance website DebtHammer was included in the article:

One of the cheapest grocery stores in the U.S. right now is ALDI, which has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. Many diehard fans enjoy the quality and exclusivity of most of ALDI's products, including the ever-changing seasonal items lineup.


 Aldi is The Fastest Growing Grocer in the U.S.

Aldi is getting so popular with food shoppers that it's the fastest-growing grocer in the United States. According to CSA, Aldi further solidified its position as the nation’s most aggressive grocer in terms of store expansion, opening 109 locations in 2023, according to JLL’s "2024 Grocery Report." In addition, the article noted that Aldi’s new stores totaled 2.47 million sq. ft. of new space – a 32.3% increase from 2022.

Good News for Massachusetts Food Shoppers

The good news is there is no shortage of Aldi locations in Massachusetts. As we mentioned earlier the discount grocer has 21 locations in the Bay State including the following:

  • Brockton
  • Chicopee
  • Danvers
  • Dartmouth
  • East Walpole
  • Fall River
  • Gardner
  • Hadley
  • Leominster
  • Medford
  • Milford
  • Natick
  • Northampton
  • Pittsfield
  • Plymouth
  • Raynham
  • Springfield
  • Wareham
  • West Springfield
  • Westfield
  • Worcester

Here's to saving money on your next grocery trip.

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