Dropped calls or dead zones are just the worse thing ever. You'd think with all the towers, technology, and profitability, the entire country would have seamless, border to border solid internet and cell phone coverage. We all know that's not the case, however.

This Provider Has The Best Cell Phone Coverage In Massachusetts

Seeking Alpha Photo Credit
Seeking Alpha Photo Credit

For sake of this post, we'll talk about the three big cell phone providers, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

Full list of cell phone carriers available in Massachusetts and their MVNOS (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)


T-Mobile MVNOsVerizon MVNOsAT&T MVNOs
Boost MobileRed PocketBoost Mobile
Mint MobileTwigbyRed Pocket
Red PocketUS MobileGood2Go Mobile
TelloAffinity CellularBoost Infinite
Ultra MobileSpectrum MobileTracfone
US MobileStraight TalkOptimum Mobile
Good2Go MobileTotal by Verizon
Boost InfiniteVisible
WOW! MobileXfinity Mobile
Gotalk WirelessCox Mobile

Information courtesy of moneysavingpro.com

AT&T Wins.

When you take a look at the coverage maps for Massachusetts taking in account 4G and 5G, AT&T provides absolutely the best coverage in the state, not by a lot, however.

Verizon and close second, followed by T-Mobile.

Massachusetts 4G Coverage

NetworkZip Codes CoveredGeographic Area Covered m2

Massachusetts 5G Coverage


Verizon 5G coverage is pretty much non-existent west of Worcester, while T-Mobile is definitely much better especially in Berkshire County and in the Pioneer Valley.

AT&T, though, once again is leader in cell phone coverage in Massachusetts when it comes to 5G. Coverage is not perfect, but massively better than Verizon, according to moneysavingpro.com.

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