Massachusetts definitely has plenty of local restaurants and eateries that are exclusive to the Bay State. Whether those restaurants are in just one location, or multiple spots across Massachusetts, they all bring their own unique style and flavor regardless of what dishes they serve on their menu. As it turns out, there is one particular restaurant that is exclusive to the Bay State that has been recently listed among the best casual dining spots in the U.S.

The popular food publication, 'The Daily Meal', recently released their list of the Best Casual Restaurant in Every State. When it comes to Massachusetts, it seems like there could be an endless supply of great options when it comes to local restaurants from Boston, all the way out the western side of the state in the Berkshires. But 'The Daily Meal' picked an iconic pizza joint in the neighborhood of East Boston as the best casual dining spot in Massachusetts. That spot is Santarpio's Pizza.

Here's what 'The Daily Meal' had to say about why Santarpio's Pizza is among the best casual dining spots in the U.S.:

Santarpio's Pizza, which opened in 1903, sticks to its traditional roots when it comes to the famous slightly chewy and satisfyingly wet slices. The menu consists of a variety of options, but includes a list of customers' favorite combos, like a pie that pairs sausage with garlic, ground beef, and onions, and even "The Works": mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic, sausage, pepperoni, extra cheese, and anchovies. First-timer? Order Santarpio's most popular pie — mozzarella, sausage, and garlic — to establish a baseline. (Regulars also swear by the pizzeria's skewers of lamb, steak tips, and homemade sausage, grilled over charcoal — the only non-pizza items on the menu.)

In case you've never been, check out the full menu from Santarpio's Pizza provided at the link here. They Massachusetts pizza joint also has another location in Peabody. There's one more must-visit spot to add to your list. If you make your way out east, perhaps you will want to stop in and try one of the best casual dining spots in the U.S.

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