A popular Rhode Island bar will now be synonymous with Rob Gronkowski and the moment he felt like he “officially made it.”

The former New England Patriots tight end was a recent guest on the Games with Names podcast, hosted by his former teammate Julian Edelman. They reminisced on their time in New England, both on and off the field, and Gronk shared a candid story of how a fun night out at Hot Club in Providence made him realize he was on his way to stardom.

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Gronk and Edelman Reminisce on Their Time in New England

“Gronk was larger than life,” Edelman said.

You could see the wheels turning on Edelman’s face as he searched through his Rolodex of good memories with Gronk during their time in New England. The former wide receiver couldn’t contain his laughter as he recalled when Gronk took a handful of shrimp from a random waiter at the club.

“We were in Boston, and no one knew who he was, and he just starts dancing,” Edelman said about Gronk. “There’s a platter of shrimp walking by to go to a table. Gronk grabs a handful of the shrimp and just starts eating it. Fast-forward two months later, and (Gronk) became larger than life.”

Gronk Nation Shows Up at Hot Club

In 2010, Gronkowski became a New England Patriots tight end. A few touchdowns and “Gronk spikes” later, Gronk is a household name.

Just a year before, he was a rookie stealing shrimp from waiters, but he remembers when his celeb status was “getting out of control.”

“I could go around anywhere after my rookie year, but my second year…we go out to a spot in Rhode Island,” Gronk said.

After a dinner with friends, he headed to Hot Club in Providence.

“We walk in, and that’s the day that changed my life,” he said. Gronk walked into the bar and the entire place went nuts.

“We get a little section in the corner, and everyone is flipping out, fist-bumping with us, I’m pouring out shots. We had to leave after 35 minutes; it was too out of control.”

At that moment, Gronk knew he wasn’t just Rob anymore. New England had officially embraced him as Gronk, the relentless and always entertaining tight end who would go on to become a megastar on and off the football field.

Watch the full episode here:

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