Were you aware that seven of the richest people in the United States reside in Massachusetts? Well, now you know.

Each year, Forbes releases a giant 400-person list of the wealthiest people in the country and this year it was no shock to see Elon Musk taking the top spot with a whopping net worth of $251 billion. Next in line was Amazon's Jeff Bezos at $161 billion, followed by Larry Ellison of Oracle, Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway and Larry Page of Google.

Now here's the top seven who have put Massachusetts on the money map.

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To start, the richest person in Massachusetts is Abigail Johnson. Her net worth is $25.5 billion and according to Forbes, she has worked as the CEO of Fidelity Investments for years. Johnson comes in at No. 29 on the list of richest people in the United States.

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Next up is Robert Kraft who is worth $11.1 billion, coming in at No. 62 on the U.S. list. Kraft owns the New England Patriots, having bought the team for $172 billion in the 1990s.

Then there's Edward Johnson V. He's worth $10.6 billion and comes in at No. 64 on the national list. He is the brother of Abigail Johnson.

Coming in at No. 99 on the national list is Elizabeth Johnson at $8.7 billion, also part of the wealthy Johnson family to whom you've already been introduced.

Robert Hale ranks at No. 203 and is worth $5.4 billion. According to The Patriot Ledger, Hale is the CEO of Granite Telecommunications.

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Jim Davis and his family are worth $5.1 billion coming in at 215 on the list. Davis bought a shoemaker business in Boston in 1972 and later became chairman of New Balance. the popular shoe company among runners and dads alike.

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The last person on the list may not be the richest in Massachusetts but still brings in the paper at No. 326. Amos Hostetter is worth $3.5 billion, making a fortune in the 1990s working as a TV pioneer.

Additional reporting by Vienna Weston.

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