What started as a fun day off for two Fall River police officers quickly turned into a life-saving rescue mission on one of the slopes at Okemo Mountain in Vermont.

Thanks to the quick responses of Officers Guy Furtado and Garret Nelson, a scary moment for a father and son had a happy ending.

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Officers Furtado and Nelson were enjoying a day on the slopes at Okemo, and after their group decided to call it quits for the day, Furtado and Nelson decided to do one more run.

Thank God they did.

As they made their way down the black diamond slope, they came across 45-year-old William Polzun Jr. screaming for help. They realized that his son, 20-year-old Nathan Polzun, had collapsed, and they quickly sprung into action.

“Finding Nathan unresponsive with no pulse, Officer Nelson quickly called 9-1-1 to alert the ski patrol as Officer Furtado began life-saving CPR,” shared the department online.

Polzun Jr. recalled the moment he saw his son’s “lifeless body” in the snow, and the only thing that kept him calm was a voice saying, “I’ll do the compressions, and hold his head while you give the breaths.”

Polzun has no recollection of the day’s events, and he credits Officers Furtado and Nelson for saving his life.

The two officers and the father/son duo reunited at the police station on Monday, where Polzun shared he is on the road to recovery, and hopes to share the slopes with Officers Furtado and Nelson when he receives medical clearance.

The officers were almost done skiing, but thanks to one more run, 20-year-old Polzun got another chance at life.

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