The virtuous among us have been casting stones and passing judgment on Patriots owner Bob Kraft since news broke on Friday that he would be charged with paying for a quickie on two separate occasions at a massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida.

Police say the parlor is part of a larger investigation into human trafficking that may involve underage girls. Some 200 other men have been caught up in the sting but have been given little or no ink by the press which apparently holds Kraft to a different standard.

Many of the outraged barely blinked when Bill Clinton was having sex with an intern in the White House and defending against allegations of rape.

Through your outrage and disgust over Kraft's behavior, just keep in mind he faces two misdemeanor offenses and has not been accused of paying for sex with kids nor has it been suggested anywhere that Kraft had knowledge of the parlor's alleged ties to sex trafficking. Of course, if you followed press coverage of the story over the weekend, you'd have thought he ran the operation.

Of course, some press folk couldn't resist pointing out that Kraft and President Trump are friends.

My thoughts on prostitution aside, it is legal in some places in the U.S. It is not legal in Jupiter, Florida, where Kraft got snared. You break the law, you pay the penalty and certainly, Kraft should be held accountable if proven guilty. But can we keep things in perspective?

Bob Kraft is 77 years old. He is a widower, so therefore, he was not committing adultery. He is a very successful businessman who employs a tremendous number of people. He has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to directly benefit the less fortunate among us. And again, his alleged crimes were misdemeanors and consensual.

The NFL could sanction Kraft for his behavior but that would seem rather sanctimonious to me. After all, he didn't knock out or kick a woman. He didn't even disrespect the flag. Kraft should pay his fine if convicted and move on. That would be sufficient.

Some of you will feel a need to judge Bob Kraft, but before you do check your closet first to see what bones might still remain in there.

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