It's coming down to crunch time for the 2020 Census. Communities all over the country are moving to the final phase of the census, sending out people to neighborhoods to locate residents who so far have failed to take the census.

These people are wearing identification, and many speak at least two languages. Their job is to find those who have not filled out the census form and encourage them to fill it out.

Why is it important? The larger the population count, the more cities like New Bedford will benefit, with more federal dollars for schools, healthcare, and public safety.

Pam Kuechler and Reighn Reyes of the New Bedford Complete Count Committee visit Townsquare Sunday this week, spelling out the importance of the census and how it can impact all citizens of New Bedford.

Townsquare Sunday is a public affairs program heard every Sunday at 6 a.m. on 1420 WBSM. The program highlights individuals and organizations working to make Greater New Bedford a better place to live.

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