Introducing a new video podcast series, “New Bedford Citizens' Council," that recaps and discusses city council meetings.

Join Lisa White and guests as they explore the inner-workings of city government, stay up to date on local legislative issues and have a little fun in the process.

This week, following the city council meeting held on February 27, Lisa and Ian White discuss the fire department blackouts and the decision to close Station 11 in the city’s South End. The new district fire chief, Matthew Ostiguy, is sworn in, and the New Bedford Police Department welcomes three new officers: Andy Pereira, Vincent Peters and Matthew Greathead.

Councilor Ian Abreu has a brief altercation with an area resident and the two discuss the many motions submitted recently by Councilor Brian Gomes.

The recent break-in of City Hall is discussed, as well as the prospect of adding additional security to City Hall, as well as a liaison between the New Bedford Police Department and the FBI.

Finally, the topic of requiring city landlords to pre-screen prospective tenants for criminal records is discussed, as well as some of the common complaints of local renters and landlords alike. Trash violations and the city’s tendency to rely on ticketing residents for a larger portion of its revenue than many feel is fair is discussed, as well as the many pitfalls facing local small businesses.

Tune in for the next episode, following the New Bedford City Council meeting on March 12. 

The opinions expressed in this commentary and in the accompanying video are solely those of the participants.

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