Memories of high school are different for each one of us. I remember studying for tests, being part of various clubs and organizations and worrying about what I was going to do with my life once I graduated. However, the actual event of graduating is somewhat fuzzy. But if a celebrity spoke before my graduating class, this would be indelibly imprinted upon my mind, I'm sure!

Listening to Sandra Bullock share words of wisdom to the 2014 class of Warren Easton High School in New Orleans struck a chord within me. Sandra reminded the graduates to "raise the bar higher."

Have I pushed myself to be better? Or am I accepting of the status quo? I have achieved a few of my dreams but realize that I could rediscover my full potential if I continue to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Challenging ourselves takes courage to face the unknown but also appreciation of the strength within to achieve the sought after goal. Watch the clip and see if any thoughts resonate within you!